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Gogol Bordello - I Just Realized tab

Don't play it as a riff, play it as an arpeggio with the position of the chords I wrote. 
(If you watch a video online, Eugene never plays it the exact same way, so as you play 
over those chords it sounds fine).
The notes I writed together without space is because he doen't pick them, he just strums 
the chord.

          Am7           B7             E7            Am7

          Am7           B7             E7            Am7

  Am                     B7
I just realized that I'm dying to see you
    E                   Am
And hear you all over again and again
Dm           G
When did it started?
    C          E
On which exact moment?
Dm                     E
Oh, I don't know and I hope it will end
Am                 Dm
Maybe tomorrow but probably never
        E                    Am
In this world of obsession I helplessly fall
Dm          G       C       Am
Feeling disguising, so polarizing
Where is the exit?
Of course there is none...

Am           Dm
When did it started
E              Am
On which exact moment
        Dm         Am
In this world of obsession
   E         Am
I helplessly fall
Am           Dm        E       Am
Feeling disguising and so polarizing
Dm              Am
And where's the exit?
E                  Am
Of course there is none...

Break over Am Dm E Am Dm Am E Am

Am             B7
When a body is burning with fever
E             Am
Of the voodoo force
Dm       G          C     Am
What is it that's really burning?
Dm               E
Parts of you if course!
Am                Dm
Is it because I'm russian?
E                    Am
Is it because you're not?
Dm     G   C    Am      Dm       E
Oppa snova puta madre vsyo naoborot




Accordion solo over Am Dm E Am Dm Am E Am

First strophe again.

I'm not sure if In the Dm G C Am it's actually Am or Am7, sorry.
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