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Golden Shoulders - I Will Light You On Fire tab

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"I Will Light You On Fire"
By Golden Shoulders

Tabbed by Kate MacVicar -

Chords Used: A [002220]
             E [022100]
           F#m [244222]
             D [000232]

You can add in pull-offs from A to form A2. Like this:
       A          A2

You can also pull off from D. Like this:  

A  E               F#m  D    A E F#m D
I will light you on fire,    oooh, ooh.

A  E               F#m  D    A E F#m D
I will light you on fire,    oooh, ooh.

A                E             F#m       D    
And I just cant sit here thinking, my fleet is sinking.

A                E             F#m    D     
Make room at the bottom of the sea.

A                E             F#m    D   
Or dont upset the wealthy, its unhealthy.

A                E             F#m         D   
Everyone has a price sometimes I have two.

A                E             F#m   D   
And if I lack point or purpose, on the surface,

A               E                F#m     D
Its only cause I was trying to fit in.

And some years are uneventful, inconsequential.
And some years I dont show up at all. And I will
build a wall to watch, it tilting. Knock it over, start rebuilding.
Just to keep from wasting, time.
Salute the march of the newly peaceful, from the mineshaft, 
to the steeple. To the courthouse and back again.
Why wont you dont I join, the protest. 
Im still asleep, youre not impressed. 
And wed be better of uninvolved.
Oh, come on, come on, come tell me something,
sell me something, or Im jumping. 
And I cannot live that way, for long.
You know this requires discussion, or preferably, a concussion.
Why cant we talk about something, good.

Awesome Job!
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