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Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy tab

Song Title: Dizzy
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Album: Dizzy Up the Girl
Tabbed by Lance

Tuning (low to high): E A D G C G
WARNING!!! Be careful when tuning the high E string up to a G.
If you don't want to risk breaking a string, just leave it tuned to E.
It will still sound good. 

Chord formations:

Em:      022xxx
A:       0022xx
A2:      577000
F:       133000
C:       x35000
G:       355000
B:       x24000
D:       x57000

Intro:  Em

First Verse:

You're cynical and beautiful, you always make a scene
You're monochrome delirious, you're nothing that you seem
I'm drowning in your vanity, your laugh is a disease
A                                                            C  G 
You're dirty and you're sweet, you know your everything I need


F    A2    C      G
           Everything you are
F    A2    C               G
           Falls from the sky like a star
F    A2    C      G
           Everything you are
F    A2    C         G            Em  
           Whatever ever you want

Second Verse:

G        Em
I wanna kick at the machine, that made you piss away your dreams
And tear at your defenses, till there's nothing there but me
You're angry when you're beautiful, your love is such a tease
A                                                       C  G            
I'm drowning in your dizzy noise, I wanna feel you scream 


F    A2    C      G
           Everything you are
F    A2    C               G
           Falls from the sky like a star
F    A2    C      G
           Everything you are
F    A2    C         G            F  
           Whatever ever you want

Solo: (I don't know how accurate this is, but its pretty close.
       The spacing probably isn't right either.)

It sounds like there are two guitars.
Guitar 1 plays this over and over again:

C-----0-----0-----0-----0-----    (There are some variations
G--0-----------0-----------0--     to this solo, and you can
D-----------------------------     probably play them both
A-----------------------------     with one guitar. So just
E-----------------------------     listen to the song and you
                                   should figure it out.)

Guitar 2 (bend string a half step up and back down a bunch of 
times for each note):


   A2         B          C          D

Chorus (End song on F)

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