Goo Goo Dolls - Something For The Rest Of Us chords

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The Goo Goo Dolls: Something for the Rest of Us 
Well here you go. The lyrics and chords are 100% correct. Fun song to play. 
F#           B 
     I was a stranger 
        F#                                      B 
And you Came to my side and you said oh, your alright now 
    D#m C#      B 
And you were so knowing 
    D#m       C#       B  
    I felt so lost and confused 
F# E     B  
Oh Oh I need you there 
         F#             E              B 
When the Nightmares and Dreams a' come true 
F#            B 
    I barely knew you 
         F#                                                          B 
Till you talked till you laughed till you cried out so loud "Someone save me" Oh 
F#                                                     B 
Black streaks of Maybelline run down your cheeks again No No No 
D#m C#      B 
 I pray for answers 
D#m           C#        B 
 You take the chance or refuse 
(repeat chorus) 
havent figured out the instrumental chords yet 
F#          B 
    Yeah we belong 
F#          B 
    Yeah we belong 
F#          B 
    Yeah we belong 
F#          B 
    Yeah we belong 
(Repeat chorus several times) 
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