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Good Charlotte - Walk By tab

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To anybody who loves this song This is a gift to u all it's my fav

D , C x3

(shii shii)

D , C x 2

(shii shii)

rock and roll

D ,C    x 8
she walks down to the store today
the devil walks with her and he thinks she's great
when she looks at me i don't know what i saw
i think he's trying to make me his son in law


C        D   C   D   C   D   C        D      C 
when she walk by walk by walk by gonna walk on by

let's go

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same like verse 1

eagles fly when she walks by
she caught my eye on october nine
22 days before holloween 
how did i know she'd be my evil queen

D                          C
my mother warned me against girls like u
C        D                              C
she said stay away from them son u know they're not true 
D                             C
all they're gonna do is put u under a spell
D                              E
and when ur going down ur going straight to hell


(my mother .....)


D C           
walk on by x3
walk on by 
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