Good Old War - Maybe Mine chords

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Maybe Mine by Good Old War
Tabbed by thewickedrobot.
Based from:

There is also the NO CAPO version which is based off of their official video here:

Without the capo, the chords are G, D, and C.

Guitar 1 [Keith Goodwin] Intro:


Guitar 2 [Dan Schwartz] Intro:


           C       F    G
I've been chasing you around
     C    F   C       G
When I go up, you're down
     C        F       G
I'm tired of fooling around
           C  F   C       G
Hope your life is better now

 F          C
You want to run from...
F            G
I can't give up on...
F         C
All of my dreams
F                          G
Hope they don't leave me, too
F   C                  F G
How long will it take?

     C       F     G
I already said, "I do"
  C       F          G
I liked myself with you

    F              C
But you think it's worthless
    F         G
For whatever reasons
F         C
All of my friends
F                         G
Hope they don't leave me too
F    C                C G
How long will it take?

    C               G
For you I have been here
 C           F            G
And you've done what you want

F           C
Call if you want to
F              G
Hide when you don't, I don't care
F            C
All of your dreams
F                         G
Hope they don't leave you too
F        C
And when no one else sees
F            G
I see only you
F                    C G C
How long will it take?
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