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Goofys Holiday - Piece Of Tears tab

			     Piece of Tears - Goofy's Holiday
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Tuning: Drop C(CGCFAD)

link to the song:

I heard this riff when Ryusuke played this in Beck episode one.

The first part isn't played in the intro.

C|-----2222--|--2---5---7---5---0-1-2-| (x5, Let the last note
A|-----2222--|--2---5---7---5---0-1-2-|   ring after the fifth time.)
     (palm mute)
F|-----|-----|-----|-----| I hear these notes after the Chorus,
C|--2--|--5--|--7--|--5--| but i don't know how they're strummed.
G|--2--|--5--|--7--|--5--| So do whatever...

This tab is accurate for the solo but its tuned in drop D so you'll have to play 2 frets higher.

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I decided make this  because I couldn't find any tabs for this song, other than the solo.
Sorry, all I could make was the rhythm guitar part.
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