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Gordon Downie - The Never-ending Present chords

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Tab by Eric Starrs ( 


D                        E7    
This waiting here for a bus is 
G                       D
Almost better than its coming. 
Every day it always does 
      G                     D
As I daydream or kick some dirt 
Or throw a rock or check my watch 
    G           Gmaj7
Or catch my reflection. 
G                              D
And it barely makes an impression
E7                     G     
On the never-ending present.  

This working from the inside out, 
This stepping to the easel, 
Is gonna run you into results, 
Then there's the materials: 
To see beyond your shoes 
Reflected in the polish and see some images 
Of truth beautifully demolished. 
And it barely makes an impression 
On the never-ending present.  

Steel yourself against the cold 
Or look for semi-precious shade. 
When the bus crests that hill, 
Love and hate are just the same. 
Watching as the money drops, 
Every day it always does. 
Maybe there's a song in here. 
No, and in fact, there never was. 
Nothing but a little expression 
From the never ending present. 
Just me doing my impression 
Of the never-ending present
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