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Gordon Lightfoot - Ribbon Of Darkness tab

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Ribbon of Darkness:Gordon lightfoot.
Top of the charts in '66.

D                       A
Ribbon of darkness over me,
              A                   D
Since my true love walked out the door.
        D7          G
Tears I never had before.
D         A             D
Ribbon of darkness over me.

Clouds a-atherin' o'er my head,

That kill the day and hide the sun.

That shroud the night when day is done,

Ribbon of darkness over me.

Em      A7             D
Rain is falling on the meadow,
Em            A7             D
Where once my love and I did lie.
Em         A7            D
Now she is gone from the meadow,
Em A7   Em7 A7 D
My love goodbye.

Ribbon of darkness over me,

Where once the world was young as spring.

Where flowers did bloom and birds did sing,

Ribbon of darkness over me.

#3. (Chorus #2)
Em      A7             D
Here in this cold room lyin',
Em            A7             D
Don't want to see no one but you.
Em     A7              D
Lord I wish I could be dyin',
Em A7 Em7 A7 D
To forget you.


Oh how I wish your heart could see,

How mine just aches and breaks all day.

Come on home and take away,

This ribbon of darkness over me. 


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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