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Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Parachute Heart chords

Artist: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Song: "Parachute Heart"
Album: The Lion The Beast The Beat
Transcribed by Sam Stone

Chord shapes
Em7 * :     022030
Em7 **:     022033
D:          x00232
A:          x02220
G:          320033
G6:         320030
Bm *:       xx4432
D aug:      xx4332
D *:        x04232

E variants: xx2130 (E7)
            xx4130 (E7/F#)  Any of these variants is acceptable
            xx2132 (E9)

F:          133211
G **:       355433

INTRO:  Em7 * -> D (with riff A) [Repeat]

Em7 **                                   D (w/ riff A, see note)
There's trouble in the friendly skies tonight
Em7 **                                           D (w/ riff A)
Love can never last when you're flying up this high
Em7 **                                         D
You took the lead, but I'm not ready to come down
Em7 *
So so long baby, I'll see you someday
            A (with riff B, see note)
When we're both on the ground

                 Em7 *                                   D (w/ riff A)
And yeah you're gone like the wind and it don't even matter --
    Em7 *                                     D (w/ riff A)
I'd fly above it all and watch the world shatter
          G                                          D (w/ riff A)
We had a sky-dive love affair, doomed from the very start
                    Em7 *                           A (with riff B)
So you can throw my love to the wind I'll just flo--oat back to the ground
        D        G6    D
With my Parachute Hea--rt

Bm *                               Daug
There's trouble in my lonely, old balloon
D *                                       E7 (see variants to use)
I let you jump, but maybe you jumped too soon
G                                 D (w/ riff A)
It's too late for me to turn back now
   Em                   Em7 *
So goodbye baby, 'cause I'm not ready
A (w/ riff B)
To follow you down


F   G **   D (w/ riff A)
Parachute Heart
F   G **   D
Parachute Heart
F   G **  Bm **  G
Parachute Hea---art
Bm ** G
A (w/ riff B)


Riff A:

E ---2------------------|
B ---3------------------|
G ---2------2-4-2-0-----|
D ---0-0-2-4--------4-0-|
A -0-0------------------|
E ----------------------|

Riff B:

E ------0--------------|
B -2--3/5--------------|
G -2--2/0--------------|
D -2--4/5--------------|
A -0----0--------------|
E ---------------------|
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