Graham Nash - Sleep Song chords

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Sleep Song    (Graham Nash)
      C       Am7    G    C     Am7    G
When [C] you were asleep 
I was [Am7] kissing your [G] forehead
[C] You gave a frown    
so I [Am7] kissed you [G] again

[C] You started waking and 
[Am7] put your arms [G] around my waist
[C] Just making sure [Am7] I was [G] there      
[C] then you drifted [Am7] away
[G]Then you [C] drifted [Am7] away [G]

And [C] when I awoke 
I [Am7] found out I'd been [G] dreaming
[C] Some of my bed clothes 
Were [Am7] still on the [G] floor

[C] I looked around [Am7] and 
realized you were [G]  leaving me
[C]  I saw the [Am7] back of your [G] dress   
as you slipped [C] through the [Am7] door

[G]  As you slipped through the [C] door, [Am7] na  na [G] na na ...
[[ch]C [/ch]] Na  na  [Am7] na na  [G] na ....
[C] Na  na  [Am7] na na [G]  na ....
[C] Na  na  [Am7] na na  [G] na ....
[C] Na  na [Am7]  na na [G] na ....

And [C] when I return 
I will [Am7] kiss your [G] eyes open
[C] Take off my clothes and 
[Am7] I'll lie by your [G] side

[C] Then I will wait till 
the [Am7] sandman has [G] done with you
And [C] as you [Am7] sleepily [G] rise   
you'll [C] find I'll be [Am7] there
[G] You'll find [C] I'll be [Am7] there  G C Am7  na  na C na 
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