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Graham Nash - Barrel Of Pain Half Life tab

Barrel Of Pain (Half Life) 

Intro: D            Bass:  (C D G# G F)
       Hear it, hear it

D             G       F       D 
I can see the writing on the wall
D             G       F       D
I can see the axe before it falls
D             G       F       D
I can really feel it through me
I can see the sea begin to glow
I can feel it leaking down below
I can barely stand it what you're doin' to me
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Bb                          Am
And in the morning will you still feel the same?
Bb                          Am
How you going to stop yourself from going insane
Bb                          Am
with glowing children and a barrel of pain
I don't want to hear it!

I can feel the heat begin to rise
I can see the dollar and the deal
I can see the companies
that are on the make

By: Josť Duarte
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