Graham Wright - Medicine Hat chords

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Medicine Hat
by Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club


G                F#/G
Driving at night
             Em                    C
The Trans-Canada Highway
        Am                         C
Was lit up for miles in the snow
G        F#/G                   Em                    C
I lit a smoke and you rolled down the window
          Am                                C
You said it gave you a headache
       G              F#/G
But that was a line
That you often used
     G        F#/G        C
It always worked on me
  G              F#/G
I pulled to the side
Of the winding road
     G       D         G
So we could get some sleep


G                  F#/G
And I watched you snore
        Em             C
As the snow started falling
Your phone started ringing
Your husband was calling
      G       F#/G
But I let you sleep
        Em                    C
Cuz you looked like you were dreaming
        Am                             C
And that suited me man, fine
       G            F#/G            C
And we got on the road back to Medicine Hat
   G             F#/G      C
To the town where you grew up
G                    F#/G
I pulled in the driveway
And cranked up the heater
   G              D        G
And you turned the radio up
   Am                                 C
You said "I think I'm getting old"
                                      G                    F#/G
I said "I think that you look be-tter than ever"
       Am                              C
So lets keep drivin' any direction
I won't spare you no affection
In our beautiful new life
(And I said) It won't be easy leaving
F#/G             Em
Everything behind
      C                      Am         C
But lets leave everything behind

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