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Grammatrain - Apathy tab

Song: Apathy
Artist: Grammatrain
CD: Lonely House
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G5                Em              G5                 Em
I guess it's up to me to look like I'm the one whose fine.
G5             Em              G5                Em
You can only see the one who's not like your own kind.
G5              Em         G5              Em
I'll pretend to be ok and you that I'm not here.
G5         Em            G5           Em
After I'm alone allow me to release my tear.

 I don't care
 I don't care
 I don't care
 I don't care

The second verse is the same.   So is the chorus.
If you add a 7th to the Em and a 2nd to the C it will
sound awesome.  Any complaints, thanks, or death threats,
e-mail me at
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