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Grand Funk Railroad - Aimless Lady tab

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ARTIST: Grand Funk Railroad
SONG: Aimless Lady
ALBUM: Closer To Home, 1970
FROM: Lukas Lechner, Austria
DATE: Mar 27 2002

Thanks to my friend Nico -guitar player of genius- who did essential work to make this
transcription possible.

Aimless Lady
written by Mark Farner


E5                     (between the notes mute the strings to get the "chuka" effect)
played   022xxx

main progression:

   Pt.1  Pt.2

played over verses:

Aimless lady is this your home town?
Tell me baby, tell me where you're bound.
When our eyes met,
You were in the very first row
I couldn't even guess your name,
But I just had to know.

You were meant for me
Would you care go cope with me?
Girl of mystery
Pt.2		                       carry on with main progression
But you just had to be...aimless lady

Aimless lady, aimless lady...

for this part do the intro again:

Should I try and satisfy you lady
Ain't no lie now we'll get by my baby
If you can stand a real good man lady
Take my hand and understand me baby

solo over main progression

intro part:

Take your time your're doin' fine my lady
You got yours and I got mine my baby
Can you see the way to bein' a lady
Stay with me and set me free my baby

main progression again

Aimless lady, aimless lady, aimless lady,

D--2----7h9----2------7--5---2---7h9-------7-7--5-5-----| then main progression again

You're my aimless lady, aimless lady, ooooh.

outro on E5

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