Grandaddy - Lost On Yer Merry Way chords

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Timing might be a bit off... chorus is better played with barre chords. I use open 
chords for the verse, but that's just me.


Em      C                      Am
        Trouble with a capital T

        Em                  F               C     Am
Tie him down they said, but tired ain't for me

              Em        F
(let this one fly) . . .

  C                           Am
I wonder what they'll make of me

         Em                 F                  C      Am
when I'm good, and gone, in song, in God's country 

              Em        A
(let this one fly) . . .


A                 Dm
Off on a merry way

G                C
Often alotta days

A                    Dm
Lost on yer merry way

G                               F
Cause unrevealed and never known

and never known . . .

E   F   C (G) E (and so on -- timing is tricky)
End on C




C                      E
All that I'm askin' tonight

        F                      A
Is that I make it back home alive

       Dm                   G
No explosions no crashes no fights,

I wanna get back home . . .

F                                             E
Back home, back home, back home, back home tonight

E   F   C (G) E (and so on -- timing is tricky)
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