Grandaddy - Underneath The Weeping Willow Acoustic tab

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Underneath the Weeping Willow
By Grandaddy
Arranged by Jason Lytle
Transcribed by Paperthintelevision
emal me: lurajoonami[@]gmail[.com]

Jason Lytle plays this in an interview and has played it live at some other places. This
sounds good on the guitar and the piano, although, the piano is more suited to the
I figure. I originally did this for a friend on the talkscape forums, which are a lot 
than ultimate guitar.
Here you go Stainy.

for coordination on with the song and the strumming pattern, watch Jason rock away here:

you can email me for a version of the song live on mp3, too.

Standard tuning:
E a d g b E


     C    F    E    Am   g     G/F 


C            F         C      E         Am
I wanna sleep... underneath the weeping willow

g                    F             Am
As it cries all night quietly...

g                 F             Am
It's tears all around me

g                    F           Am
I'll sleep here so soundly...        Until

g          F        Am
I'm aloud finally

g          G/F                           C
              To wake..and be happy again

F       C        E         Am      g      F/e

g          G/f# G/F                            C
                   To wake..and be happy again

Jason plays a variation of hammer on picking which he releases the string he's playing
a chord and hammers it back into it's place, which creates the essence of the weeping
If you listen close enough it's easy to figure out.

Thank you, and thanks Stainy.
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