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Grant Nuss - Hes The One tab

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Here's the next song on the album Beyond the Sky that I worked out. Please mail changes
Intro:	G	D	C	D [x2]

          G              C
Hes the Rock I always cling to
          G 	            C
When the storms around me rage
         G            C
Hes the One I often sing to
         Am	                D
When my tears have blurred the page

          G                 C
Hes The King of Kings in glory
           G                 C
Hes the Bright and morning Star
            G              C
Hes the Saviour and His story
         Am                  D
Changes hearts both near and far
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           C                 G
Hes the precious Lamb of Calvary
          C              G
Hes The Lord Gods only son
         C                  G
Hes The God of Grace and Mercy
        Am     D       G    D	C   
With No Equal Hes The One

          G               C
Hes the Hope I stake my life on
          G            C
Hes my Comfort every day
	  G                C
Hes the Rope I grasp and hold on
     Am                    D
When all else has washed away

Chorus:  [x2]	F   C	Bb	C
Solo:	Verse Chords
   Em                Bm
My Joy in midst of sorrow
     C                    D
My Strength when pain is deep
      Em             Bm
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
           C              D
Hes the Shepherd of the sheep

Chorus: Repeat
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