Grant Nuss - Fall To My Knees tab

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The more I listen to this album the more I hear different parts, cool guitarist! Enjoy! 
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Intro: G	A	 D	Bm	 G	A

D                        Bm
Should they reject me I know

You will accept me
G             Em                A
Day by day I learn to love You more
D                      Bm
Iíve been forgiven by Your

Divine grace and power
    G               Em           A
A feeling like Iíve never felt before

           G           A
Chorus:	I fall to my knees
                 D      Bm
       	To Your arms I flee
       	Keep me on my knees Lord I pray
       	A			D  Hold
       	Keep me on my knees

D                       Bm
Each day as I seek Your face

Full of Your mercy
      G              Em                A
In truth and faith I grow to love You more
D                      Bm
With pure adoration I live

Forever to praise You
G            Em            A
Never have I ever felt so sure
Chorus:    [x2]

Solo:  	D   Bm    G      Em       A   [X2]

Pre Ė Bridge:	G	A	G	A

Bridge:   [Spoken]
Let Your grace shine down on me Lord
Draw me close to Your heart
You alone are worthy Jesus
Glory to the Lamb of God
Chorus:    Repeat

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