Grant Nuss - Changed Before My Eyes tab

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Intro:	 Eb	Cm	G#	Bb    [X2]    

Eb       Cm    G#        Bb        
In the trial or in the testing
Eb       Cm     G#       Bb
I am certain God is there
Eb         Cm      G#        Bb 
For by faith my soul is resting
Eb         G#   Eb        Bb
In the shelter of His care

Eb        Cm      G#               Bb 
He just fills my heart with gladness
Eb     Cm      G#	Bb
Everyday it overflows
Eb	     Cm     G#       Bb
Helps me conquer pain and sadness
Eb	G#      Eb      Bb
For He suffered and He knows

Every day I see His power
 Cm         G#               Bb
Lives are changed before my eyes
Every moment, every hour
Cm         G#            Bb  Bbsus	 Bb         
He gives love that satisfies

Eb      Cm     G#      Bb
Now I live in this assurance
Eb    Cm        G#        Bb
As I deal with doubt and fear
Eb	Cm      G#          Bb
That my God provides endurance
Eb       G#    Eb       Bb
As He whispers in my ear

Eb    Cm       G#        Bb                        
So I give Him all the glory
Eb     Cm       G#      Bb
He has done so much for me
Eb     Cm        G#         Bb
And I share the Wondrous Story
Eb    G#      Eb  Bb
Of A Blessed Eternity 


Solo:	Eb    C    G#	Bb [x3]	   Eb	 G#	Eb	Bb


Cm        G#       Bb       Eb
Iíll not leave you nor forsake you
Cm         G#      Eb         Bb
Iíve been with you from the start
Cm           G#            Bb      Eb
Things that come your way canít break you
For I Dwell Within your Heart 
I Dwell Within your Heart

Chorus:  Repeat

Album: Beyond the Sky


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