Grape Digging Sharon Fruits - Chasing Butterflies chords

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		Chasing Butterflies - Grape Digging Sharon Fruits
Tabbed by: ScorpionDeadman

This is my first Tab so if I've messed anything up I'm sorry. Just worked this out 
by ear and also the lyrics by ear so there may be a few mistakes in them but the 
chords should be good.

Tuning:E standard

Intro: G Em x2


        G              Em        G          Em
I was chasing that butterfly, chasing it fluttered by
 C             D            G
Then I fell asleep under a tree

Repeat this chord pattern


D    Dmaj7     G     A

      D      Dmaj7               G                   A
It carried me two and thro, it seemed to know just where to go
      D      Dmaj7               G                   A
                            It seemed to know just where to go
      D      Dmaj7               G                   A
                            It seemed to know just where, where to go

Pre-Verse:     D   C

The Chords for the verse and chorus are the same for the rest of the song

The song end on G, but between the 4 ending G chords the E,B and G strings of the 
G chord are played

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