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Grateful Dead - Loser tab

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E --------------------0--------------------|

The C/B i used in song is x22010

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Am          G             C       D
If i had a gun for every ace i've drawn,
C             Em               Am
I could arm a town the size of abilene
Am               C  G   Em              D
Don't ya push me baby 'cause i'm moanin low
        C        C/B  Am    G       Am
and you know i'm only in it for the gold
G         D           A
Last fair deal in the country, Sweet suzy
G         D           A
Last fair deal in the town
G            D                A
Put you gold money where your love is baby
   C       C/B     Am  G   D           Am
Before you let my deal go down.......go down

All that i am asking for is ten gold dollars
and i could pay you back with one good hand
you can look around about the wide world over
and you'll never find another honest man
 repeat chorus

Don't you push me baby cause i'm moaning low
Well i know a little something that you may never know
Dont ya touch hard liqour, just a cup of coffe
gonna get up in the morning and go

Repeat chorus

Everybodys braggin and drinkin that wine
i can tell the queen of diamonds by the way she shines
Come to daddy on the inside straight
And i got no chance of losing this time
No i got no chance of losing this time
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