Grateful Dead - Love Each Other tab

This song is super easy, and a ton of fun to play. I think the actual studio recording
on the album "Reflections," but my personal favorite is on Dick's Picks 10. If you need
other Grateful Dead tabs that aren't on this site let me know and I can most likely tab 
out for you. Just email me at Peace Out.

NOTE: This changes around a little bit depending on which version you're listening to,
the roots are always the same for the most part.

Standard Tuning


G      F7  F#7  G7
G       C  G

G                F7  F#7  G7
Merry run around,
G                   C  G
Sailin' up and down,
G                            C
Looking for a shot in some direction.
G                   F7  F#7  G7
Got it from the top,
G                          C   G
It's nothing you can stop,
G                                  C
Lord, you know they made a fire connection.
They love each other.

F            C             G       F7  F#7  G7
Lord you can see that it's true,
F            C             G       F7  F#7  G7
Lord you can see that it's true,
F            C             G      C  G
Lord you can see that it's true.
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