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Grease - Those Magic Changes chords

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this is how those magic changes are played

if you want to, strum DUDUDU. it might be the strumming patturn.

C                          Am
what's that playing on the radio?
F                      G
why do I start swaying to and fro?
C                       Am
I have never heard that song before,
F                     G
and if I dont hear it anymore.
It's still farmilier to me,
sends a thrill right through me,
F                                   G
Cause those chords remind me of the night that

I first fell in love to
C           Am      F        G
Those magic changes my heart arranges
  C             Am
A melody that's never the same,
F               G
a melody that's calling your name
            C                    Am
It begs you please, come back to me
F       G                      C
Please, return to me, don't go away again,
oh make them play again
F                              G
The music I wanna hear is once again,
C                 Am
you whisper in my ear
F     G
Oh my darling
C                      Am
I'll be waiting by the radio,
F                      G
you'll come back to me someday, I know
C                      Am            F               G
Been so long since our last goodbye, but I'm singin' as I cry
C                           Am        
While the bass is sounding, while the drums are pounding
F                                G
Beatings of my broken heart will rise the first place of the charts
C           Am        F              G
Oh my heart arranges, oh those magic changes,
C           Am        F              G
C           Am        F              G

Slow strum C

hope you liked it. it's to the best of my ability. i really like grease!
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