Great Big Sea - Everything Shines chords

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I saw a really weak tab for this from another tab site, so I took the 5 minutes 
that the previous guy didn't take to actually listen to the song and get good chords.

Capo 5.

If you are CAPO LESS, then:
Verse: G D C D
First part of Chorus : C G A D
Chorus : G D C D

D               A
Hey, come this May,
            G            A               D           A    G A 
We'll be running in the sun again, your time will come.
You're just a young broken heart.
Been out sleepin' in the yard, how could you be so dumb? 

G                D                 E                 A
All we losers stand in line just waiting for our time.
Broken angel take that plane and finger paint the sky,
'Til everything shines, D A G A
A               D A G A
Everything shines,
Everything shines,
Everything shines. 

Hey broken clock,
Hhaven't heard your old tick tocking man for much too long,
And lonely jukebox,
Iin the corner of the nightclub, man, I need your song
(I need your song) 

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