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Great Big Sea - Someday Soon chords

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-Standard Tuning-

-No Capo-

G, C, D (x4)

[Verse 1]
          G              D                        C 
They keep talking of the things they'd do if we'd only vote them in
         G                  D             C
One more dollar and all the bickering and suffering would end
         G                D                 C
If you'd sign your 'X' in favour it's three jobs for every man
        G                      D                  C
You can burn your boats, thats what they said, it seemed they had it planned
      Em                    D          C             D
And I hope they haven't forgotten, the promises they made

           G                    D
Cause they said they'd stop the fighting
And they said they would bring peace
          G                  D              C   
And they said they'd find a serum that can cure all our disease
         G                     D
And they said they'd house the homeless
And put black and white in tune
    Em                      C
And they said they'd feed a hungry child
And I hope it's someday soon


[Verse 2]
Saw a man sleep in an alley lane with a paper for a bed
And the headline shown beneath the man and this is what they read,
"If elected there would be no persons living in the street"
But the paper couldn't even provide shelter for his freezing feet.
And I hope they haven't forgotten, The promises they made


          Em                  Am                     Em              Am      
Well they said it would be so different, if we would only play their games
              Em             Am         C                   D         
And I've been playing for so long and I swear its still the same!

[Chorus 2x]
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