Great Big Sea - Penelope chords

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-Standard Tuning-

-Capo Third Fret-

[Intro] (No guitar)

[Verse 1]
  D      G            D
Penelope works in the market
           G        D
Down in the coconut trees
               G        D
She's saving up all her money
                  G         D
To go to America across the sea

[Verse 2]
She once had an uncle
He lived in Detroit town
They got all his post cards
But his body has never been found

        D      G     D
To this day-ay-ay-ay-ay-ya
        D      G     D
To this day-ay-ay-ay-ya

[Verse 3]
She got a job as a domestic
Workin' for the minimum wage
All her friends back home in Jamaica
They say, 'You really got it made in the shade'

[Verse 4]
But they don't see her sweat and grind
And her bended on her knees
She wishes she was back in Jamaica
Beneath the coconut trees

[Chorus] (x2)
     D      G     D
     D      G     D

D, G, D (x4)


[Verse 5]
Penelope's back in the market
She found what it was all about
Oh no, she doesn't regret it
She's just glad that she got out

[Verse 6]
But others aren't so lucky
They're there till the day they die
Trapped in steel and concrete
No beach No moon No sky



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