Great Big Sea - Born To Believe chords

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 "Born To Believe" (Doyle/McCann)
  Released on "XX"(2012)


     G                        C               D 
 The world is your oyster, so get yourself to sea
 G                          C                D
 Time is of the essence, so try to keep some free
       G                             C           D
 I'm a child and I'm a father, and I love my family
         G                                  C              D
 There's no place underneath the stars that I would rather be


 We are the difference between the present and the past
 We are the distance between the first and last
 My life will be unlimited, and full shall be my glass
 I am ready, I am willing and I'm able for the task! 

    Am    Bm        D       Am    Bm        D     
    I was born to believe...I was born to believe
           G           Em      C             Am 
    we are one, we are strong, we can sing a different song
            G                       Em 
    let the right shine through the wrong,
     C                   Am   G 
     we're all here were we belong...

    |G C D |


 I'm not here to talk about freedom, I'm not here to talk about love!
 I'm just happy I'm still breathing, beneath the sky above
 You can lead your life of reason, waiting for the perfect rhyme
 but while you keep on wishing for the things you're missing
 the clock keeps ticking and it's right on time and...


 Oh-oh-way-oh...CHORUS X2

|G C D| to fade.
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