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Great White - Save All Your Love tab

Great White-Save all your love
by Ron Zane
There is not enough Great White material on the internet so I thought 
I would enter my first tab on the net.  Also if anyone knows how to play 
the intro to Tora Tora's Walking Shoes correctly, please tell me.  
Email me if any questions..thanks
(rhythm figure 1)  x 4
(rhythm figure 2) X 2
|------------2------------2-------2-----2-------------2-------0--- 0-----------------0-----0-------0----0----0---
Back to RF1 x 4
Then to RF2 for the verse
And it keeps going for the majority of the song.  The ending on the rhythm figure 
two is different at a couple of different places but mostly it is just a tempo 
change. A couple time at the end of it, you dont play the open D string.  
Pretty simple but effective.  Anyone that knows the solo should add it.
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