Green Day - Worry Rock chords

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"Worry Rock" - Nimrod

For novices


D               A          G                D    
   Another sentimental argument and bitter love

   G                D              G              A 
   Fucked without a kiss again and dragged to the mud

D                   A                 G               D
   Yelling at brick wall and punching windows made of stone

       G              D              G                 A
   The worry rock has turned to dust and fallen on our pride

Bm           F#m 
   A knocked dragged out fight

   G                 D
   Fat lips and open wounds

Bm         F#m               E                    A
   Another wasted night, and no one will take the fall

D                 A                   G                     D       
   Where do we go from here? And what did you do with the directions?

   G             D
   Promise me no dead and streets

   Gm*             A                  D
   And I'll garantee we'll have the road

_______   _______________    ___________   ___________   ____________________

Gm* 000000 <--- 3rd fret (with capo 2)

Bm  000000 <--- 2nd fret (with capo 2)

F#m 000000 <--- 2nd fret (with capo 2)
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