Green Day - Haushinka chords

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Haushinka from the album - Nimrod
Standard tuning.
You can Just Play D through the Verses if you dont want
to play the different chords.


D      Dsus4   [ch]Asus4/D[/ch] (with extended A)
-2---  -3---   -5---
-3---  -3---   -3---
-2---  -2---   -2---
-0---  -0---   -0---
-----  -----   -----
-----  -----   -----

D             Dsus4            [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]       Dsus4
   Haus-hinka is a girl with a peculiar name. 
D              Dsus4     [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]       Dsus4
   I met her on the eve of my birthday. 
D               Dsus4            [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]           Dsus4                             
   Did she know, did she know, before she went away,
D                Dsus4
   Does she know, does she know? 
       C             G
   But it's too damn late 
       * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  D             C         G
||This girl has gone far away. 
F         G
Now she's gone. ||

A (Post Chorus)

D    Dsus4    [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]

Verse 2:
D         Dsus4        [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]        Dsus4         
   All I have now is a memory to date. 
D                  Dsus4           [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]         Dsus4
   A cheap hat and cigarettes, and a peculiar name. 
D                Dsus4             [ch]Asus4/D[/ch]             Dsus4 
   I didn't know, I didn't know, before she went away. 
D             Dsus4
   I know now, I know now
       C             G
   And it's too damn late. 
       * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Play Chorus

Bmin        A             F G  F G
   Will she ever find her way? 
Bmin            A               G
   I'm too damn young to be too late, but am I? 
Bmin    A                 F G  F G
   Yet again I'm kicking myself,
Bmin           A
   And I'll be here in battle scars,
   G                              ||A  D  G  A (x4)
   Waiting for you, Waiting for you now.
   * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lead Brake:
A#    A    A#    A

Play Chorus

End on A~~~

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