Greg Bates - Whipped chords

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Hi Everyone! (: This is Whipped by Greg Bates! Hope yall enjoy this! This song is played 
in stadard tuning on the 4th fret! Im a girl so guys may need to lower the capo! (: 
This song is pretty easy to play! (:

G                    Cadd9              C
Take my breathe no sunset like your smile,
G                       Cadd9           C
I never met a heart with such a since of style.
Cadd9                 C
You put on a show, When you paint your lips.
Cadd9                 C
For all I know your all this is.

Like homemade cream on an apple pie,
Like a farmer workin’ in mid july.
C                               D
Like a little boy said a dirty word, when his daddy gets home.
Like along the side of a 4-wheel line,
Yeah you got me and Im lovin it.
G            Cadd9   C      G
Yeah you got me, … Whipped.

G               Cadd9           C
Running red lights just so I can see ya.

G                    Cadd9                      C
When your away I spend my days day dreaming.
Cadd9                       C
Your sweeter than a peach, right down to the pit.
Cadd9                             C
Yeah your my favorite habbit, that I never want to quit.

Cadd9                           G
Yea you got me right where I wanna be.
Cadd9                                   G
Yea you got me right where I wanna be.

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