Greg Graffin - Highway chords

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Hi everybody! I like Greg Graffin's songs but I found no tab for his song "the 
Highway" so I decided to make a tab myself.
If you find a mistake or just want to say how dumb this tab is, feel free to do 
this: leave a comment or e-mail me:


Am                     C       G                        C Am
Tired old man you're a wastin' slowly battling grey and blue,
Am                C                             G Am
Built your empire as a shell so nobody prays on you,
Am                     C         G                            C Am
Remember when you were fresh and bitter like a blossom in its bud?
Am                   C                                G Am
Struggle to keep the memories free from the sweat and blood,
C                       G                       D         Am
Just to generalize, you sleep and you rise, you fail to recognize,
C                           G                         D  D (hit twice)
Like the Red Queen, you're running out of steam every mile,
    G              Am
The highway of denial

Am C G Am C Am (like the verse)

Lyrics taken from

Tabbed by psp master

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