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Gregorian Chant - Ave Regina tab

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From: Rick Kephart 
Subject: TAB: Gregorian Chant:

                   Ave Regina Coalorum             Solemnes
                  (Hail Queen of Heaven)

A Gregorian Chant for Compline (before bed)
Normal guitar tuning. Chant has no time signature.
"." after a note means hold. "/" means hammer-on. "\" means pull-off.
Keep the notes (except for the dotted notes) evenly spaced.

---------------------------------------------------------------|    A-ve  Re-gi-na Coe-lo-rum!   A-ve Do-mi-na An-ge-lo-rum!

e ------------------------------|------------------------------|--|
b ----------------------------------------------------------------|
g ------------------------0---------2--0---3--2---0------0--------|
D ---3--2--0-------0--3------3.-----------------------0-----3.----|
A ------------3---------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------|
------------------------------------------------------------------|   Sal-ve ra-dix, sal-ve por-ta,   Ex qua mun-do lux est or-ta.

e ------------------------------|----------------------------|--|
b ---------------------------------1----------------------------|
g ------0---2---2--0--2--3--2.--------3--2--0----------0--------|
D ---3-------------------------------------------3--0-----3.----|
A --------------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------|
----------------------------------------------------------------|    Gau-de Vir-go glo-ri-o-sa,    Su-per om-nes spe-ci-o-sa:

e ------------------------------|---------------------------------------|--|
b ---------------------------------1--------1/3----------------------------|
g --3--2--0--3--2--0----0/2--2.-------3--3-------2.----2----0-----0.-------|
D --------------------3----------------------------------------3-----3.----|
A -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
   Va-le, o val-de de-co-----ra,  Et pro no------bis Chris-tum ex----------|o-ra.

Ave Regina Coelorum         | Hail Queen of Heaven
Ave Domina Angelorum        | Hail Lady of Angels
Salve radix, salve porta    | Hail root, hail gate
Ex qua mundo lux est orta   | from which light has risen to the world
Gaude Virgo gloriosa        | Rejoice, glorious Virgin
Super omnes speciosa        | most fair of all
Vale, o valde decora        | Vale, o valde decora
Et pro nobis Christum exora | Et pro nobis Christum exora

Tablature by Rick Kephart
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