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Gregory Alan Isakov - All There Is chords

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capo 2

intro: D

all the lights have changed, 
coming back into the city, 
G                D
driving homeward slow.

shimmer like you do to me 
we laugh at all those changing trees, 
G                     D
autumn is fallin down again
            G               D
out of this blue sunday dream.

come to me with your smoky mouth, 
raindrops fall on this old town, 
    G                                  D
its been me and you who’ve been fallin round.

       G                                    D
well i lyed to you when i knocked upon your door
    G                               D
see i was nowhere near your neighborhood.

but if this is all in our minds, 
    G                            D                A
its all in our minds honey would you mind getting out of mine
if this is all in our heads, 
well now its screaming red, 
             D                                F#
watching the leaves fall down and laugh at us instead
G   Bm   G   D 
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