Gregory Alan Isakov - She Always Takes It Black chords

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She Always Takes it Black
Capo 3
Standard Tuning

Note: I believe he is hammering the D string on C/G and the G string on Fmaj7. 
Though simply strumming this in a pattern you're comfortable with is just fine.

Intro: C/G Fmaj7 Am (x2)

Lead into the first verse on C/G

Fmaj7            C/G               G7
Dreaming up this golden grain, I'm falling from this shack
Fmaj7            C/G               G7 
Talking sweet to the queen, wish I was riding with the jacks
Am                Em                   C            Fmaj7
Walking proud and lonesome now, oh I'm yearning for the pack
Am                C                     C/G
But I'd never say I love you dear, just to hear you say it back

Intro (x1)

Fmaj7                  C/G                G7
I've heard the road to every truth, is just a cul-de-sac
Fmaj7              C/G                  G7
There's ladies the lions there, but you know its just an act
Am                   Em                         C               Fmaj7
You search the world for the milk of the pearl, she always takes in black
Am                       C                 C/G
But you'll love her till it all goes dark, you'll love her even after that

Intro (x2)

End on C/G
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