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Gregory And The Hawk - Avalanche Oh Avalanche tab

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Title: Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche
Artist: Gregory and the Hawk

Capo 4th fret

Intro: Am G Am G

Oh, avalanche!
You are the number one
G                   Am
natural disaster of Switzerland
Am                           G
The swiss put up barriers to keep you out
    Am                        G
and build covered roadways to save themselves
    Am      D        G      Em
but it's no use; you always kill
   Am          D        G       Em
at least a few skiers a year,
Am        D             G        Em
just to remind them to be fearful.
   Am          D        G      Em
At least a few skiers a year.
Am     D        G          Em
          A few innocent lives a year.
Oh, avalanche! 
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