Gretchen Peters - Love And Texaco chords

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Artist: Gretchen Peters
Song: Love and Texaco
Tabbed by: DJ
26th Mar 2013

Tuning: Standard


   C          (C/B)  Am        (Am/E)  F    (F/A) G       C
|  /  /  /  /__/  |  /  /  /  /__/  |  /  /__/    /  / |  /  /  /  /  |

C                         (C/B) Am
   I had a big black Pon - ti - ac,
(Am/E) F                                     C    Gsus4
           She burned a little oil, but she flew,
C                        (C/B) Am
   We had it all there in the back,
(Am/E) F                (F/A) G    Gsus4  G
          Baby, I burned for you,
Am            F            C           C/B           Am
    We were bullet-proof,     we were bathed in the neon glow,
F                        G                     C
    Underneath the stars... of love and Texa - co!

C                            C/B) Am
   You had a long dark hist - o - ry,
      (Am/E) F                        C    Gsus4
Hummm - mm - mm, some of it was even true, 
C                       (C/B) Am
   Baby, you were enough for  me,
(Am/E) F                      (F/A) G    Gsus4  G
          I tried to be enough for you,
Am            F            C       C/B        Am
    We were bullet-proof,     no - body ever told us no,
F                        G                      C
    Didn't need nothing...  but love and Texa - co!

(C/E) F                                      C   (C/E) (C/D)  C
         Every night, when the trucks'd roll by,
F                                              G     Am7    G/B
   We'd gas her up, a kiss for luck, and we'd let... her... fly---!

C                             (C/B) Am
   I have a sweet, sweet mem - o - ry,
(Am/E)  F                       C    Gsus4
           Of a boy I used to know,
C                          (C/B) Am
   Baby, it's still a mys - te - ry,
(Am/E) F                         (F/A)  G    Gsus4  G
          How I ever could've let him  go,
Am              F                 C       C/B        Am
    And we were... living proof,     that life is a long hard road,
F                              G                     C     C/G C
    And you can't run forever...  on love and Texa - co!

C                     (C/B) Am
   Just a little cash,         cigarettes and gas,
(Am/E)  F               G             C    C/G
            Ooo, yeah, love and Texa - co!        

  C          C/G   C          C/G   C          C/G    C 
| /  /  /  /__/  | /  /  /  /__/ |  /  /  /  /__/  |  /  ||


C       =  x32010    F      =  133211    C/D  =  xx0010
C/B     =  x2x010    F/A    =  x03210    Am7  =  x02213
Am      =  x02210    Gsus4  =  320013    G/B  =  x20003
Am/E    =  002210    C/E    =  xx2010    C/G  =  332010
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