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Greyson Chance - Unfriend You chords

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Intro:   C.......D........C.........D.........

C         D         
.....I really thought you were the one

C              D
......It was over before it begun

C               D
.......It's so hard for me to walk away

C                D     G
But I know I can't stay *repeat the chords for the verses*

You're beautiful and crazy too

baby, thats why I fell into you

Even though you were pretend to be

you were never with me

So it's over 
yeah, we're through 
Em                        D
So I'mma unfriend you
You're the best liar I
ever knew
             Em              D
So I will unfriend you
cause I should have known
right from the start
I'm deleting you
right from my heart
Yeah, it's over
my last move is to
Em         D
unfriend you


C    D
.....I thought in time that you could change
C                 D
......that my time and love would heal the pain
C             D
.......and I didn't want this pain to come
C                     D    G
Now all I feel is numb

 C#m                    F
You come on to everybody
 C#m                   F       C#m
everybody all the time
           F             Bflat
you give up to anybody
               G                  C
what I thought was only mine
G            Em         D


So it's over, yeah we're through

so I'mma unfriend you

You're the best liar ever knew

so i will unfriend you

cause I should have known right from the start

that you didn't have a human heart

yeah it's over, my last move

is to unfriend you

C, G, Em, D 

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