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Groundation - Groundation Chant tab

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rendition of "Groundation Chant" by  Groundation

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Dm                    C  
They beat their drum upon the nations
Never sell your soul upon creation
There will come a day when we will all be free
And see the beauty in your heart
From a far I can see the trumpet of
His imperial majesty, Oh god
Dm       F        C        Dm
Rastaman wowa, what a Groundation
Inna this Iration (Repeat) 
Dm                    C
Forward, Forward, Forward, Too High
Live in the love, the light, today
Please believe me when I say
There will come a day
When everyone shall see unification
From shore to shore
They shall see the light
Across the oceans all colors
of the world shall unite
Dm                    C
Trod on, Ride on, I say
Preach those words of truth tonight
We shall jump on the ship
Taking us back home
In another nation again
They shall run away, fly away
Hold their head up to another day
And say guide I through the valley
Dm       F        C        Dm
Rastaman wowa, What a Groundation
Inna this Iration (Repeat) 

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