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Group 1 Crew - Not The End Of Me chords

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Not The End Of Me  
Group 1 Crew

The whole song is pretty much just Am, F, C, G. I went ahead and wrote them in so 
you could get the rhythm, other than that just have fun!

Key: Am

Intro: Am Am C G

Verse 1:
Am                      F               C
Every night I find it hard to sleep.
My tears keep running.
Am                       F                 C
I am suffocating while they drowning me.
I didnt see this coming.

I tried to catch my breath.
My heart's a shattered mess.
I am tired of feeling like 
I've got nothing left.

 Am                  F
The end of us is not the end of me.
 C                 G
Every second gets easier to breathe.
 Am                F    
Push the fear away, face another day.
 C                 G
Every moment I'm starting to believe,
 Am             F
I'm not broken, I'll keep hoping.
 C                    G
There’s a part of me waiting to love again.
 Am                  F
The end of us is not the end of me.
C            G
Is not the end of me.

Verse 2: (same chords as Verse 1)
It took everything for me to see,
that my life’s not ending.
You tried to break me but
I am not that weak, no.
I am so sick of pretending.



 Am                     F
I chose to love, more like love chose me.
 C                     G
Or so I thought cause you had to leave.
 Am                    F
Now I'm sitting here feeling so defeated.
It's like you punched my heart,
call that a heart beating.
And I made excuses but the truth is
that my mind was feeling heavy.
And it really hurts me to admit this,
 G                                         (drop out/play softly)
but girl we just werent ready.
 Am                            F
Confetti, hearts torn apart nothing to believe in.
I guess our love was Autumn,
it lasted for a season.


 Am           F         C
It's not the end of me.
 G            Am (hold)
It's not the end of me.
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