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Guess Who - Species Hawk tab

Song: Species Hawk (Bachman, Cummings)
Artist: The Guess Who
Album: The Way They Were (1976), Canned Wheat (Remasterd 2000)
Tabber: Nick Gray
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

While listening to the track one day I noodled around and out of no where I
figured out the whole song.  It's quite easy one repititious riff and a couple 
of chords.  One of my favorite Randy Bachman riffs.  Lyrics are typed by myslef because 
I haven't seen them anywhere.  

With Distortion

Riff 1
[ Tab from: ]

Rhythm fig 1 (4x)


2nd time going into third time use this fill



Riff 1 (8x)
Rhyhthm fig 1 (4x)
Riff 1 (24X) Continues over flute and guitar solo  
Rhythm fig 1 (4x)
Riff 1 (32x) Fade out


(Riff 1)
(Rhythm fig 1)
(Riff 1)
(Flute (8 bars) and guitar solo (8 bars) over riff 1)
(Rhythm Fig 1)
(Riff 1)
Fade out
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