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Guided By Voices - Chocolate Boy chords

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Guided by voices - Chocolate Boy

G     320033   C/G   332010   C*    x20010 (Cmaj7add9)   Dsus2 x023x
Em    022000   C     x32010   Am    x02210

G                 Em              C/G 
Chocolate Boy you fell into the summer
    C        C*       Am    C       C*            Am
And neither neither none of all the good you ve done
               Am            C/G               G
Could turn our happy factory once again from bummer

G           Em              C/G
Paper man exposed a nasty rumour
   C       C*         Am      C       C*     Am
Of all the fouls we cried, belied and bowdlerized
            Am          C/G        G
For our hypocrisy and nepotistic humour

Em                 C/G             G                Dsus2 
  The best of the opera and dutch chocolate finger play
Em                 C/G          G               Dsus2
  The test at the exit or the entrance we will know
  Em                    C/G                    
A concrete heart sinks slow

    C/G       C*      Am    C/G       C*       Am
And chocolate kings adore a chocolate painted floor
  C/G       C*     Am  
A look out down before
               C/G                            G     
And then the summer made a chocolate boy no more

Tabbed in March 2012.    Hope you enjoy it.  Joern
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