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Guided By Voices - Circus World tab

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                'Circus World' - Guided by Vioces

             from the Vampire on Titus/Propeller album

        standard tuning (EBGDAE high to low: if you are playing

        along with the record you'll need to tune up slightly   =

        sharp from A440)


        A      - x02220     E     - 022100

        Asus2  - x02200     F#m   - 244222 =

        Bsus2  - x24422     G     - 320003

        C      - x32010     G#m   - 466444

        C#sus2 - x46644     =

        (intro: F#m - E - C#sus2 - Bsus2)

        F#m    E     C#sus2   Bsus2  =

        its a (???)    understand me

        F#m   E           C#sus2

        they never will    this

                    Bsus2   F#m

        all we do we do for you

                  E        C#sus2   Bsus2

        shit gets (slow?)     and demanding

        F#m   E        C#sus2

        it never fails    to amaze me

        Bsus2  A      G

        when i see it all before me

           E                   A

        if i were a freak  who self destructs

           C                 A                 =

        a ride for boys  in monster trucks

            E                       A

        the painted sluts  training monkey men

         C                          A

        i call to the door but they won't let me in

                E               A

        and the human fly  gets smashed again

           C                     A

        he mixes his blood  with tonic and gin

              E                                A

        and i choke on the sheep  stuck in the company of wolves

            C                   A

        as you raise up  on your high heels

        (F#m - E - C#sus2 - Bsus2)

        F#m     E

        daylight breaks

        C#sus2   Bsus2            F#m

        i see a face that used to cry


        where were you then

        C#sus2        Bsus2

        somewhere off to yourself

        (solo: played over F#m - E - C#sus2 - Bsus2 - F#m - E chords)







         C#sus2 =

        theres too many people

        Asus2  G#m      F#m

        involved in the game

        (end with G and E chords)

        ...questions, comments and corrections to


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