Gungor - We Will Run chords

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You can play the song in E, or play it like this if your just starting out. 

Verse 1:
Em          D    C          Am
  Create in me a clean heart
Em           D                C   Am
  For I have turned away from You
Em             D        C       Am
  Save us from our ways oh God, oh God
Em            D                    C   Am
  For we have turned our face from You
Lord have mercy
Gsus           G    Gsus           G 
We will run to you, we will run to you
C2               C    C2           C
Turning from our sin, we return to You
C                Em
Father heal your world
Make all things new
Make all things new
Verse 2:
Your love and mercy build and shape us
Break and then re-create us now
Lord have mercy
C (3 count)  Em (4 count)
Oh             Bring us back to you
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