Gungor - We Will Run chords

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***This is my attempt at showing some of Michael Gungor's chord fingerings (which I know 
change all the time, but anyways, it's one version).
For the opening the chords are: C#m B6 A F#m (well, the actual chords are more 
complicated, but I don't want to write something like Amaj7(add2), so I'll stick with the 
simplified version)
Here's what I think he does for each chord: (I play the bass notes with my middle finger 
and mute the A string in the process, but on the A and F#m chords it's not necessary))

   C#m   B6   A   F#m

So that's the bulk of the verse. On "Lord have mercy" he plays a modified A2 (x07600)

Verse 1:
C#m            B6   A              F#m
    Create in me a clean heart, a clean heart
C#m             B6                  A        F#m
    For I have turned my face from You
C#m              B6        A       F#m
    Teach us of Your ways oh God, oh God
C#m              B6               A        F#m
    For we have turned away from You
    Lord have mercy

***here's where it gets even more funky/complicated, so I apologise if it's a bit 
confusing, but I'll try to get it all down.
Basically the guitar is playing the melody along with the chord along with the lyrics of 
the chorus, and you strum on every syllable (I think quarter notes?), while filling in 
between phrases.

   Esus  E    A2*  A   A/C# C#m   B6   A2

Esus        E       Esus        E
We will run to you, we will run to you
A2*          A       A2*       A
Turning from our sin we return to You
A/C#        C#m              B6
Father heal your world, make all things new
Make all things new
(repeat chorus)

***second verse, same as the first! (well, the chords are that is, the verse itself is 
actually shorter by half, and the pre-chorus "Lord have mercy" is the same)

Verse 2:
C#m                B6    A         F#m
    Your love and mercy build and shape us
C#m               B6          A       F#m
    Break us and recreate us now
    Lord have mercy

***The bridge is in 7/4 time, but if you're looking at this hopefully you already 
realised that, or you can listen to the song again and try to listen for it.
The chords here are standard A2 (x02200) and C#m (x46600) open chords. On A2 play for 3 
beats and then play the C#m for 4 beats.

A    C#m
  Oh....bring us back to you
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