Guy Clark - Dublin Blues chords

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Have a whiskey and a cigarette first...

   E            A                         E
I wish I was in Austin

In some Chili Parlour Bar 
Drinkin' Mad Dog Margaritas  
           A                 E
And not carin' where you are

      E           A                  E
But here I sit in Dublin

Just rollin' cigarettes
Holdin' back and chokin' back
       A                   E
The shakes with every breath


Forgive me all my anger
Forgive me all my faults
There's no need to forgive me
For thinkin' what I though
I loved you from the git go
I'll love you till I die
I loved you on the Spanish steps
       A               E
The day you said goodbye

I am just a poor boy

Work's my middle name
If money was a reason
I would not be the same

I'll stand up and be counted

I'll face up to the truth
I'll walk away from trouble
But I can't walk away from you

(Repeat chorus)

I have been to Fort Worth

I have been to Spain
I have been to proud
To come in out of the rain

I have seen the David

I've seen the Mona Lisa too
I have heard Doc Watson
Play Columbus Stockade Blues

Repeat chorus and end with the first verse again.  
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