Gym Class Heroes - Its Ok But Just This Once tab

i looked at the other tab to this to learn it and umm yea that didnt work so i decided
to learn it myself it wasnt too terribly difficult just a few crazy chords. and im
almost 100% sure this isnt COMPLETELY right to every note and everything, though
it all sounds very right to me, few notes i mightve added but anyways here it is.
hope you enjoy!


thats the all the verses i do believe just repeat that over and over and over until the
chorus of course which is up next. this part i had a lot of trouble picking out exactly
cuz of the loud drums that come in during the chorus. but heres what i got and try
to listen to the song for the strumming here


the last little thing here after the chords if you listen really closely it might be a keyboard?
idk but i heard it and so im puttin it in here i doubt its really needed and also if 
desires a higher sound just use the octaves starting from the 9 7 5 5 4 2 on the D string.
up to you


at the end repeat the chorus twice. alright well hope you enjoy!! good luck learnin its 
pretty simple song but pretty fun to play cuz of the crazy chords
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