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Hale - One Moment tab

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One moment (nescafe jingle)
by Hale
tabbed by bryant sundiam
                   angeles city, philippines

standard tuning

What's another story to hear?
What's another laugh or two?
What's another tick on the clock?
D                          E
When it's magic shared by you.
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What's another smile to you?
What's another kiss or two?
What's another line to say?
D                                E
When it's love that shared by you.

C#m7                                          Bm7
A cup in hand, you know it's worth your while,
C#m7                                         Bm7
A cup in hand, let's sit and stay for a while.
Let minutes turn to moments,
Bm7           D              Bm7           E(pause)  A
Let's mix, let's talk, one moment, one nescafe...

A                     AM7...
One nescafe...

Thank you's

Hale for the song
Nescafe for the ad
and my baby,, luv u so much..
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