Half Man Half Biscuit - Prag Vec At The Melkweg chords

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E                         A            F#m             B            
  In the town where I was born lived a man who went to work
       E              A             E                            A
And he told us of his life building spaceships on forty pounds a week.
         E               A               E               A
And he'd take us all for rides, and we'd do some serious drugs in
E            A                             E              A
On board the Enterprise Allowance we could do whatever we liked.
             E                 A
And we could go to a Meadowlark Lemon seminar,
E                A
Be at the Tony Monopoly incident,
E                 A
Sort a strobe for Connie Plank, 
E                       A        E A (rpt instr)
Shop around with Johnny Kwango.
E                            A
If you would come with me to Dawlish
E                           A       E A (rpt instr)
I'd be like Stadler's caddy for ya.
           E                A           E                   A
And we'd return in time for tea and our dads would not have inklings
E                 A                       E
Said we'd been to organise a frisbee competition
With the Gypsies down the road.
E                 A
D'ya wanna swap a hundred spandex overcoats
E              A
For the mental age of a haversack
E                         A     E               A       E A (rpt instr)
It's been like this since we saw PragVEC at the Melkweg.
     B                  A
Oh I doctored my edible thong with listeria
       B                      A
Now my only hope is that your offspring walks backwards
B           A          B            A
Just as I expected the shopkeeper appeared
And then the band began to play.
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